January 28, 2017


We often get asked questions while out filming and via email, here are the most frequent ones below.

What services do you offer?

We offer a variety of aerial services which include but not restricted to , photography, cinematography, wedding videos, construction progress updates, promotional video, estate agents and much much more.

Where are you based and where do you work?

We are based in Paignton, Devon but more than happy to travel anywhere in the UK.  Please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

Are you qualified?

Yes, we are fully CAA certified & Insured and have undergone extensive training with UAVAir , produce the relevant documentation to support our drone operations, be assessed on our competence and safe handling. We are happy to provide you a copy of our CAA Permissions and insurance documents.

Do you have permission to operate commercially?

Yes, we have the relevant PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) granted by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) which is only granted to people who have undergone the training and exams to become a commercial Drone pilot.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are covered for £5 million of Public Liability Insurance, this can be increased on a job by job basis. We are insured with Moonrock Insurance, a specialist drone insurance provider. Insurance forms part of the requirements of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to operate commercially. We are happy to produce evidence of our insurance on request.

What are the advantages of using a drone for aerial photography?

Drones are extremely versatile aircraft, from arriving on site we can be in the air in less than half an hour. Before drones it was common practice to use helicopters and planes mounted with cameras which of course were costly and not practical in todays world.  Drones can go places helicopters and planes simply cannot do and at a fraction of the cost.

Can you fly in bad weather?

No, our drones are not able to fly in rain, the limit for wind is 15mph due to safety.  Also in higher winds the footage wouldn’t be as steady as the drone would be fighting with the wind to keep steady as they work using GPS satellite positioning.

Can you fly over other people?

We have to maintain 50m from all people unless under our control.  If all people involved are aware of the operation we are able to fly over these as they would have been briefed on the intended flight path and emergency procedures.

Can you fly in built-up areas?

We must maintain 50m away from and building, vessel or structure not under our control.  If the relevant permissions have been granted by the owner we can fly as close as you like providing we stick to the rules set by the CAA.

How far away can you fly?

We are allowed to fly 500m away from the take off point to maintain visual line of site, in some cases the take off point may need to be moved if visibility is poor.

How high can you fly?

As set by the CAA we are permitted to fly to a maximum altitude of 400ft (120m) which is more than enough, can see a lot from that height.

Are drones safe?

Drones are no different than any other vehicle, we perform maintenance checks before and after every flight and also monthly to maintain the safe working of our drones.  This is all documented after each flight.

How noisy are drones?

This all depends on the drone and conditions on the day, each drone uses different motors so noise levels are different.  Also the wind will play a part, if its windy the motors will be faster and noisier to compensate and maintain its position.

Do you need me on site with you  for filming?

No, providing we have been briefed on the operation at hand we can turn up and perform the job without you being there.

How long does a shoot last?

This all depends on the operation, some can last an hour where others can last all day or in extreme cases over a period of a few days/weeks.

How long can you fly for?

This is drone dependent, our larger drone can stay in the air for 18 minutes where as our smaller one can last 25 minutes.  Wind will decrease the amount of time in the air.

How fast can you fly?

The slower the flight the smoother the video, however for faster moving videos and chase shots we can fly up to 45 mph.  With no wind or a slight tail wind this can rise to 50mph.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes, both of our drones can fly indoors due to their positioning systems, providing there is sufficient space to do so.

Can you see what you’re capturing from the ground?

Yes, both drones have screens attached to the controller so you see a live view of what the drone sees in real time.

What control do you have over the camera and what it captures?

Our larger drone has a 360 degree camera which we have full control over independently of the main drone controls.

What resolution do you film in?

Both our drones record footage in 4K UHD, for web and online use this is then normally downsized to 1080p which is FULL HD.  3K is ideal for film & TV use.

All footage we record is shot in 4K so it looks good on anything that it may need to in the future to save shooting again at a higher resolution later.

What is the image quality of photos like?

The images are shot in using the built in 18mp camera which allows us to blow the images up onto canvas.

Our second drone shoots using it’s 1inch 20mb camera allowing even larger pictures and prints with more detail.

Do you have any sample images or videos?

Yes feel free to take a look at our gallery pages at the top of the page.

What format can I receive my footage or photos in?

The pictures are delivered in jpeg format and the video in mp4 or mov.  We can also supply the unedited footage/photos.  Unedited images and film can be provided in DNG format for photos and MOV format for video.

How do you supply files?

We either supply the files using online file sharing sites or on our website.  Sometimes it may be easier to supply it on a usb which would be at no additional cost to our clients.

Do you offer an editing service?

All our footage/photos are edited before delivery as standard. For more complex editing there will be additional charges.

How quickly can I have the photos / footage?

We aim to provide the footage/photos within 7 days , for more complex jobs this can take longer.  On average if it’s for example an estate agent who wants some photos of a house, these can be taken one day and delivered the next working day.  This time may increase during busier periods.

Do I need to get special permissions for your work?

You will need to ask permission from anyone who is going to be on camera and each project needs to be assessed individually.  This includes a full Flight Plan and Site Assessment before the drone leaves the ground.

What are the rules regarding privacy?

Drones with cameras are covered by the Data Protection Act (DPA). You can find out more at the Information Commissioner’s Office website. Note: We wear highly visible clothing to clearly identify ourselves as UAV operators.

Can I buy and fly my own drone to take photos or videos for my business?

No, you need to obtain a PfCO from the CAA by attending a training course and sit various exams including producing an operations manual.

Can anyone sell aerial photographs taken from a drone?

No, as above a PfCO is needed to make money from drones as it’s classed as commercial gain.

What are your prices for aerial photography and/or filming?

This all depends on the job as it varies.  We offer competitive packages for single operations and half/full day rates,

How can I book you in?

Give us a call on 07514 856 631, alternatively you can use our contact form on the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Further Questions not mentioned above ?

Please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to answer in person.