Brixham Trawler Race 2017

We were lucky enough to be asked to film the annual Port of Brixham Trawler Race here in Brixham, Devon.

A couple of months ago the owner (Alan Scales) of one of the boats invited us out on his trawler for a test run to see how our drones would handle taking off from a boat.  This is when we noticed a few issues.  First off the GPS and compass in our drones don’t like being close to the boat during take off and landing due to the amount of metal on board.

Thankfully my crew were with me who were able to hold the drone while it takes off and then catch during landing.  This also had it’s own issues, the Phantom range are easy to catch due to their legs that don’t move, however the Inspire is completely different as there is no safe place to hold on to.

So after filming that we decided to look around and see what options there are for grab handles which is when we came up with our current system, 2 grab handles on each leg meaning when launching and catching, fingers are kept away from the props.

We started filming the ground footage as soon as we arrived on site and while on board my crew were filming on the boat while the drone was in the air to get all angles covered.

After the event we came back with loads of footage and stills so just had to edit it all together.  We pride ourselves on the speed in which we can deliver edited footage.  This was evident last week for the Teignmouth Colour Rush and also the Trawler Race, within 4 hours of us being home from the event the video was online and ready to be shared to the world.

If you would like your event filmed get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

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