Our Drones

There are many manufacturers of Drones in the world, each have their pros and cons.  Here at CC Aerial Solutions we use DJI drones.

  • Our main drone is the DJI Inspire 1 Pro with the X5 Camera.

This is used alot of the time due to being much more stable in windier conditions.  Battery life is around the 17 minute mark, due to it’s size it’s not perfect for smaller areas. Captures 4K UHD and 16mp images.

  • Secondly is the DJI Mavic Pro with it’s built in 4K Camera.

This is perfect for tight spaces and flying indoors as it’s small and portable (fits in the palm of your hand) but still able to capture the same footage and pictures as the Inspire above. Battery life is around 24 minutes.  Not as good in higher wind though.

  • Lastly is our newest drone which is the DJI Phantom 4 Professional+ with it’s larger built in camera.

This one has the highest quality image of all the drones we use as it records in 4K like the others but can give 20mp images that are detailed and can also be blown up onto canvas sizes beyond the other drones.  Battery life is around 26 minutes.

All the drones above are unable to fly in rain and high winds.  Battery life also varies depending on wind speeds as the higher the wind the more the motors have to compensate.  A live feed is fed from all drones to the pilot on the ground in real time giving both the Pilot and any client an instant view of what is being captured.